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   Our Design Approach

Communications and Documentation are Design Plus keys to good quality control, both within the design Team and working with the Client. We document all meetings and decisions for review and execution. This has kept our projects responsive and minimized changes.

We post all project information on our website,   -- project players, consultants, meeting notes, schedules, drawings, specifications and other pertinent project information for easy reference by all stakeholder Team members. Project information access is security code protected.  We send drawings and specifications back and forth between consultants and Team members using e-mail both during design and construction.

Our computer operations are kept updated to Astate of the art@ conditions for hardware and software.  We take advantage of e-mail for rapid communications with automatic copies, sharing of drawings, budgets, specifications, memos, pictures, etc.  The scope of our software allows integration of varied file formats to share graphics, pictures, text, web content, drawings, etc., in all different formats.  This greatly enhances our Team communications for review, actions, and approvals.