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   Our Design Approach
Design Philosophy:

Team Organization - The greatest key to project success is that besides the consultants the Team includes the Clients, users, building management, and building maintenance throughout the design process. We want to make sure the project responds to their ideas and details of design, as well as those we will suggest.

Define the Scope of Work - A Program | Predesign Study identifies the specific space, functional requirements, and suggested approaches. The Team evaluates the alternatives in terms of good function, maintenance, and life-cycle costs.

Match the People to the Job - We offer a Team that have the combination of skills needed for the project.  The design Team are flexible people, professionals who can and do accomplish many different kinds of projects.

Establishing the Conditions - A Pre-Design Survey prevents many surprises.  The design Team is experienced at evaluating building systems and conditions and rely on Client facility operations and maintenance people.  We can and do ask questions so that we can involve their knowledge and experience into the evaluation and solutions.

Regulatory Agency Codes and Standards - Design Plus is experienced with the permitting process in many municipalities, and work with building officials to achieve a timely response to project submittals by involving them early in the design process.

Meeting the Schedule - The schedule means time and money to Clients.  We work with Clients to establish a realistic schedule that identifies the tasks for all project participants and shows how they interface with the progress of the project.

Communications - Communications and documentation are Design Plus keys to good quality control. Proven check lists are followed at every level of design and review.  All meetings and decisions are documented for review and execution. Keeping the project responsive with minimized changes.  Design Plus coordinates the gathering and distribution of electronic information so all Team Members have a complete record of all project information.

Cost Control - Each member of the design Team is responsible for their cost estimates, which are collected and reviewed by Design Plus.  We review costs relative to the project scope and add architectural and general requirements.  If we feel market conditions are unusual or changing, we can ask for a review by a cost control and constructability consultant.

Construction Services - Our entire Team is experienced in contract administration and on-site reviews of the progress of the project work.  We can and do backup each other in the field as needed, and always respond to the Contractor submittals and requests as quickly as possible.