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   Our Design Approach

Design Plus believes in a collaborative and holistic approach that includes professional design consultants and all the Client stakeholders.

The important elements of our approach are nothing new, just a logical progression of specific work elements organized to flow smoothly through the process of analysis, design, and construction.  Throughout the process is the continuing need for communication, asking questions, and carefully considering the responses so that not only the overall concept but the small details respond directly to the needs of the users.

The best evidence of performance is repeat Client work and the support of people from successful projects in the past.  We take pride in our reputation as a design firm capable of leadership, responsibility, and worthy of trust.  We value the continuous working relationships we have established with our Clients.  Continuous and repeat services are our best reference.

We establish realistic schedules that identify the tasks for all project Team participants and show how they interface with the progress of the project.  Projects proceed well when all of the Team understand how to effectively communicate to keep things flowing smoothly.