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   Our Design Approach
Team Approach:

Team Organization - Our team includes the consultants plus the users, building management, and buildiong maintenance staff throughout the design process. We make sure the project responds to all stakeholders ideas and details of design.

The important elements of our approach are nothing new, just a logical progression of specific work elements organized to flow smoothly through the process of analysis, design, and construction.  Throughout, the process is the continuing need for communication, asking questions, and carefully considering the responses so that not only the overall concept but the small details respond directly to the needs of the users. 

Define the Scope of Work.  Programming and Predesign Study are used to identify the specific space and functional requirements, and suggested approaches.  Our team evaluates the alternatives in terms of good function, maintenance, and life-cycle costs, while looking at the impact of the project on the neighbors.

Match the People to the Job.  Design Plus offers a team that together have the combination of skills needed for the project.

■ Project Management and Design Team experienced including computer communications and documentation.

■ Civil review for impact of utilities, parking, landscaping, and handling of water run-off.

■ Architectural review for efficiency, fire and life safety, internal and external circulation, and guidance on aesthetics for visual tie to existing structures.

■ Water Penetration, roof evaluation and recommendations, building envelope details for water and moisture control.

■ Structural review for cost effective approach to systems for the building envelope.

■ Electrical design for energy efficient lighting, power, communications, HVAC, and proper interface of systems.

■ Mechanical review for use of existing heating, HVAC, plumbing, and fire suppression systems.

The Team are flexible people, professionals who can and do accomplish many different kinds of projects