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Track Record:

Each member of the design Team is responsible for their cost estimates, which are collected and reviewed by Design Plus.  We review costs relative to the project scope and add architectural and general requirements.  If we feel market conditions are unusual or changing, we can ask for a review by a cost control and constructability consultant.



 Bid Amount


State Records Center



 under 2.2%

Swedish Medical Center|Ballard



 under 9.0%




 under 5.6%

Northwest Hospital Building



 under 10%

SMC Nursing Units Relocations 870,000 828,256  under 4.8%
Everett Community College 932,700 910,300  under 2.4%


There have been bids that exceeded the MACC amount, but not in excess of 5%.

We work with you to establish realistic schedules that identify the tasks for all project participants and show how they interface with the progress of the project.  Projects proceed well when we all understand how we can effectively communicate and the order that can keep things flowing smoothly.  We produce a schedule on Microsoft Project software and keep it updated as the work progresses.